Ciara Crotty

Ciara Crotty

FirstLight Counsellor

Ciara Crotty is an art therapist with a background in general and theatre nursing. Ciara holds a MA (Hons) in Art Therapy from the CIT Crawford College, Cork. She is a member of the Irish Association for Creative Arts Therapists. Ciara works in private practice with children, adolescents and adults. Ciara has a passion for art therapy and the clay field technique as this allows Ciara to engage with her strong sense of care for people who have suffered a traumatic life-changing event and/or the deep loss of a bereavement. The many years of clinical experience coupled with art therapy training and the experience of the “Work at the Clay Field” technique gives Ciara the insight and ability to support adults and children through the trauma of loss and bereavement.

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