How You Can Help FirstLight

Demand for FirstLight’s services has increased very substantially since 2019, with 373 families supported in 2022, compared to 207 in 2021 and 147 in 2020. Donations and fundraising events have been a very important source of income to FirstLight and have supported the provision of free professional counselling services to families around the country whose child has died suddenly.

With continuing support, FirstLight can provide timely professional crisis intervention and counselling services to families at this most challenging time. Often, when we want to help, we just don’t know where to start. This is why FirstLight has put together the FirstLight Fundraising Guide, which we hope will inspire and assist anyone who wishes to support our services.

How to Fundraise on Behalf of FirstLight?

While no two fundraising events will be the same, we have some suggestions you may find helpful in putting together your event. However, remember, FirstLight is here to help every step of the way if you need it. We can supply fundraising materials such as flyers, collection buckets, posters, and t-shirts. So please do not hesitate to phone or email the head office at any stage, we are more than happy to assist in whatever way we can T: 01-8732711 OR E [email protected].

Charity Dip or Cold-Water Challenge

Take the plunge and organise a Charity Dip or Cold-Water Swimming Event! It can be a great way to connect with nature and with others. If you are organising a charity swim event, you have a responsibility to ensure adequate water safety measures are in place, to reduce the possible risks to attendees. An application to the local authority may be required for permission to access the location. Water Safety Ireland provides guidelines for several charity swim types, including charity dips, swims up to 3km and swims over 4km.

The FirstLight Fundraising Guide has more information on hosting such an event

Golf (Or Other Sport) Tournament

Play a full 18-hole PGA-style tournament, or simply make it a putting or a miniature golf tournament for a kid-friendly affair. Charge green fees as donations. Book in with a public course or ask the captain or president of your local golf course to host your event. If golf isn’t your sport, a similar format could be applied to a football, rugby, tennis, dodgeball, baseball or cricket tournament.

The FirstLight Fundraising Guide has more information on hosting such an event

The Mile in Memory Walk

The Mile in Memory Walk is a special remembrance event where parents, families, friends and colleagues come together as a community in memory of a child or young person. Walk in memory, listen to parents’ stories, light a remembrance candle, and experience the power of healing through community. FirstLight’s 2023 Mile in Memory Remembrance Walk will take place on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18th. However, you may choose to host a mile in a memory walk at any time.

The FirstLight Fundraising Guide has more information on hosting such an event

Corporate Fundraising

FirstLight always welcomes the opportunity to develop new corporate relationships. We work with companies who believe in our values and want to make a difference in their community. By partnering with FirstLight, you will be aligning with an incredibly well-loved and inspiring charity and our cause will motivate and unite your staff. If you would be interested in partnering with us, please reach out to our general manager Andrew at [email protected]