The FirstLight Families Podcast Series – Zach’s Story

"If someone lives in our shoes for a week, a month, even a day, to experience the pain, the loss, the fear, the anger...they’d get some insight into what it’s like to lose a child.."

In 2023, bereaved mum and FirstLight client, Karen, sat down with our Clinical Services Director, Georgia, to speak about the death of her gorgeous son, Zach, as part of FirstLight's video project.

Karen was courageous in telling her story of experiencing the sudden and traumatic death of her son, Zach, at aged 1, from a rare and aggressive brain tumour. Karen speaks about the joy and laughter Zach brought to her family and the world during his devastatingly short life.

Karen and Zach's story was featured in the FirstLight promotional video, released at the end of 2023, but we wanted to share with you their full story as a podcast in the hope that hearing Karen speak openly about her experience will help you to feel a little less alone in your grief. Click the link below to listen to Karen and Zach's story.

We are so grateful to Karen for her generosity and courage in telling us her story of the life, love and loss of beautiful baby Zach.

  • Dated: Mar 13


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