The FirstLight Memory Wall is a very special place to honour and remember your child. Tell a story, write a poem, quote a song, or share any memory of your loved one. Sharing your message can help other bereaved parents to understand that they are not alone.

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  • In loving memory of

    Deborah Balfe Carroll

    16/04/1981 – 20/06/1981

    Nothing can express to me the way I feel today, I love you more than yesterday since you went away my love for you will never die, this you can be sure, you’re always in my heart and will be forever more.

    Patricia Carroll
  • In loving memory of

    Danielle Carroll

    25/02/1991 – 26/04/1991

    I love you baby, no one knows how much I love you for my love grows for not a day that passes by that I don’t see that twinkle in my eye. I love you baby you know its true

    Patricia Carroll
  • In loving memory of

    Jack Lane O Brien

    22/12/2010 – 05/03/2011

    He was my big fat handsome man. My future.
    A very special grandson, a much wanted son and the best baby brother a big sister (Lottie) could have.
    Loved and missed Nannie

    Terri Lane
  • In loving memory of

    Cillian Stokes Smyth

    14/07/2016 – 25/09/2016

    Beautiful Cillian, our precious little smiler, the brightest star in the sky now looking down on all your family, we miss you so so much already, mommy just wants to hold you forever, our hearts are broken and our house too quiet now your gone, we will always remember you and talk about you all the time, sleep tight baby boy, love you to the moon and back mommy, daddy, Cian, Conor, Zoë and James XXXXXX

  • In loving memory of

    Bobby G Murray

    09/12/2011 – 21/03/2014

    Bobby G is my middle child. He has a big sister Erin nine and little brother Archie two. There was 54 weeks between Bobby G and Archie J, Irish twins people would say. Bobby G loved him and always showed it. He was the same with Erin he would run to greet her with a big hello and hugs everyday when she returned from school. Robyn Bobby Gs godmother collected him and Erin for school every morning along with her sister Brogan. Brogan would have a story most days of the adventures they had on the way to school. Robyn would also collect him after and we would meet in Granny Boynes for dinner, some days they would stop at the shop for a sausage. . Bobby G still demanding his dinner when he arrived home. He loved his food, tayto bread and curry night 🙂 Thursday! He would have beef curry mixed veg rice and prawn crackers.. Robyn couldn’t go far without Bobby G following or crying after her shes his godmother and best pal, his second mammy. He was the same with his grandda Boyne. Granddad took Bobby G the park and sat on the floor for hrs playing together. Bobby G really was a very special little boy, he was the man of the house. He knew our routine and by god he made us stick to it lol after their tea it was splash time. Bobby g would jump up from an empty plate and say Archie splash splash! We would sing two little ducks went swimming one day over the hill and far away mammy duck said quack quack quack quack and two little duckys went splash splash splash! Then I would throw the two ducks into the water to make a splash both boys loved this.. Bobby G loved being free and stripped off as soon as we got home or got to our Grannys 🙂 one day i actually had to bring him to Granny Boynes with just a house coat, he had eczema, really bad sometimes so he would over heat at times. This never took from his good form and big smiles. He was so good, he would ask for his creams and applied them perfectly. . He loved to sing and dance. Sang all the songs from hi5 and he loved Peppa pig. He also loved giving a hand the Hoover was his favourite thing to play with!

    Our summer routine was very different from winter.. we have a mobile home in bettystown. This is where you’d find us on those fine summer days! We had loads of adventures. The site was an adventure in its self Bobby G kept us on our toes, we had loads of fun on Bettystowns beach and in funtasia. Its a very special place where we spent lots of family time and made loads of memories!

    Bobby G called me Ailbhe this made me laugh 🙂 we really we’re best friends. He did however know who I was lol and called me mammy when he was tired or if he had hurt himself so really only when he needed me xxXx this makes my heart melt! When I think about our time together I really feel lucky he chose me to be his mammy and to be apart of our family! He had a gift he lit up every room and made everyone feel good about themselves thats pretty special for a two yr old :)… I will carry him in my heart and on my lips when I speak his name everyday until we are reunited! I love you my biggest baby boy Bobby G xxXx

    Ailbhe Boyne
  • In loving memory of

    Freya Faith Sweeney Fennell

    21/08/2016 – 21/08/2016

    “ Love you always our Baby Angel xx”

    Hailey Sweeney
  • In loving memory of


    17/11/2007 – 19/01/2009

    With kisses and cuddles you were a true Champ, your Mum and Dad’s superhero, Mum
    and Dad’s ‘little scamp !’

    Your blond curls your blue eyes ,your hugs and broad smiles they brought laughter and
    joy to us all.

    But we know it’s now time to wave you goodbye as you answer the Lords early call.

    For Olly and Maeve all that the love that you gave… was a joy and a privilage to see.

    And we hope we can share the pain that you bear on this day… Davids farewell journey

    Maeve & Oliver
  • In loving memory of

    Jake Brennan

    01/02/2006 – 12/06/2014

    “The memory of my dear wee man will linger with Daddy for the rest of his days,
    But all I ask from my wee little man is to keep me strong while I build your memory garden,
    Where all our family can spend time talking to you, so please let us know that you are there.
    PS. I found it so hard to go for my first hair cut without you Jakie. Please give me strength. Daddy, Mommy, Kaelam and Savannah xxx”

    Daddy, Mommy, Kaelam and Savannah
  • In loving memory of


    03/06/1983 – 15/07/1983

    Eimear’s memory still lives on despite the passage of time. My beautiful baby daughter taken so early & still hugely missed by her mam. Catherine

  • In loving memory of

    Charlotte Cahill

    10/08/2004 – 10/08/2004

    To a special angel in heaven.
    I remember you always.
    Auntie Louise

    Louise O’Sullivan
  • In loving memory of

    Sean Carthy Matthews

    27/11/2006 – 28/06/2008

    I sit to write the poem and
    as I begin to cry
    These words whisper through my ears
    It’s Sean your little boy.
    Please try not question God,
    Don’t think he’s unkind,
    Don’t think he sent me to you
    And then changed his mind.
    You see I’m a special child
    And I’m needed up above
    I am the special gift you gave him
    The product of your love
    So please Daddy don’t look sad
    Mammy don’t you cry,
    I will always be beside you
    Lots of love from your little boy.

    Joanne Matthews
  • In loving memory of

    Jamie Sutton

    16/03/2008 – 27/02/2010

    Jamie we miss you so much everyday more than any words can say but watch over us all until we meet again my lil man,lots of love and floaty kisses from mammy xxxx

  • In loving memory of


    25/02/2014 – 15/03/2014

    Gone but never forgotten you’ll always be my fourth son Baby Bob love always daddy mammy+keith xxxx

    Trevor Lally
  • In loving memory of

    Evan Kelly

    16/10/2008 – 06/12/2008

    In Memory of our Beloved Evan,

    You came into our lives perfect and loved. We only had you in our lives for 7 weeks and 2 days. Not a day passes that I dont think of you, and how happy and full of fun you should be with us now.Your brother James has never forgotten you, and misses you everyday. Your little sisters , Tara and Alice, never met you, but they know they have a special Angel Brother looking down on them. We will always miss you, Love Mammy,Daddy,James,Tara and Alice… xxxxx Sweet Dreams my Angel

    Sandra Kelly
  • In loving memory of


    25/02/2014 – 13/03/2014

    I loved you like there was no tomorrow,, then one day there wasn’t,
    If my love could have saved you , you wouldn’t have died at all

    Aine Quiney
  • In loving memory of

    Ella Lily

    09/09/2010 – 09/03/2011

    Ella, will never forget you. You were the best little daughter that ever happened to me. We had a great 6 months together, all your laughs. You were always smiling since the day you were born.
    You left without warning, I didn’t get to say goodbye and I will love you forever until the day i die.. You are our Ever Lasting Little Angel
    You have beautiful little sister Mia, I know you are watching down on us.
    We love you and miss you always.. Love Mammy & all her family Xxxx

    Lynn Fitzpatrick
  • In loving memory of

    Rubi Tighe

    26/09/2013 – 08/01/2014

    If tears could build a stairway,
    And memories a lane,
    I’d walk right up to Heaven
    And bring you home again.
    Words cant describe, the hurt and pain that we are feeling today Princess. Love You Rubi xxx

    Mammy Mary Daddy Keith Big brother Jack Big sisters Taylor and Mia
  • In loving memory of

    Carla Julia Byrne

    04/04/2016 – 07/05/2016

    Our beloved precious Carla,
    you were sent to us by God above,
    to teach us what is true and pure love.

    We got to know you very well over the last 5 weeks
    and feel so privileged to have been chosen as your parents.
    Carla ,you have shown us, your gentle soul,
    which we could see clearly,
    beaming from your sparkling beautiful eyes.
    Now that you have shown us what is true love,
    and how much happiness it can bring.

    It is sadly time for you to go back to the angels ,
    your job is done here .
    Oh Carla, what a good job you have done. So good you have left us,
    and all your friends and family, utterly heartbroken.
    But its ok baby girl, its not your job to worry about us.
    We are your loving parents and we want you to fly free.

    Fly high up ,through these little beams of light ,in the parting clouds
    and continue to teach and guide us ,
    reminding us you are with us
    with every been of light, of your love.
    Good night baby girl,
    Sleep tight and let your love shine bright.

    Anna Vahey
  • In loving memory of

    Rubi Tighe

    26/09/2013 – 09/01/2014

    Our Beautiful Granddaughter Rubi, we love and miss you more and more every day, your Mammy and Daddy are doing ok they visit your garden all the time with lovely flowers and balloons. Your brother Jack is getting so big and your 2 sister’s Taylor and Mia are in preschool now. See you some day baby girl x x x

    Geraldine Tighe
  • In loving memory of

    Jamie McCarthy

    17/08/2011 – 01/12/2011

    My precious little boy,

    When you were born you captured everyone’s hearts – your Grandad would say that you had an old head- your eyes had a look that you had been here before. You were our gift and treasure; and your big brother, Daniel loved you (loves you) beyond measure – he did nothing but talk of you and when he came home from school each day would rush to see you and give you kisses. When you left us our hearts broke, fractured and the scars will forever remain. We miss you everyday; but you will always be my boy, a baby brother and now a big brother (to Lucie who just turned 3 and goes to see you and loves you), a nephew, grandson and cousin. You left your footprint and your smile and the twinkle in your eyes. We love you to the moon and back forever…

    Mum xx
  • In loving memory of

    Maeve Ellen

    04/09/2007 – 17/09/2007

    The sun will forever set in your heart and rise in our eyes, loved and missed always xxxx

    Marina Oliver
  • In loving memory of

    Adam Martin O’Brien

    20/01/2017 – 20/01/2017

    He was only 14 weeks gestation but we got to hold his perfectly formed body, to see his fingers and toes.
    I will never forget holding my son in those hours before he was cremated. The Coombe hospital were great and we had a naming ceremony for him.
    I love you son. Gone but never forgotten

    Gary O’Brien
  • In loving memory of

    Emma Kate Schomakers

    19/01/2006 – 26/01/2006

    Emma, we think of you everyday, wishing you were here with us. You will live on in our hearts until the day we can hold you safely in our arms again. Love Mami and Daddy. Isabelle and Luca miss you too, they would have enjoyed having their big sister here.

    Anna Schomakers
  • In loving memory of

    Michael Berhan White

    01/07/2014 – 06/07/2014

    Our Beloved First

    Gary White
  • In loving memory of

    Michael Collins

    30/05/1989 – 20/09/1993

    In Loving memory of my beautiful big brother Michael. Not a day goes by where i don’t think about you. Always on my mind, forever in my heart, Lots of love Mam, Dad, Louise and Marie xxxx

    Mam,Dad,Louise and Marie
  • In loving memory of

    Joseph Alika Kealoha-Lopez

    16/11/2017 – 16/11/2017

    My beautiful baby boy we all love and miss you with all of our hearts. You may be gone from my sight, but you will never be gone from my heart. Love mommy, daddy, Jonah, Jeremiah, Job Jr and Julia.

    Love mommy, daddy, Jonah, Jeremiah
  • In loving memory of

    Jacob Kealoha-Lopez

    29/12/2014 – 29/12/2014

    My beautiful baby Jacob, we all love and miss so very much. I may have only held you in my womb for a moment, but i will always hold you in my heart for eternity. Love mommy, daddy, Jonah, Jeremiah, Job Jr and Julia.

    Love mommy, daddy, Jonah, Jeremiah


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